Fancy Bearded Dragon Vs Bearded Dragon- Key Differences

If you are curious about knowing bearded dragons, you must know that is the common type people go for. There has a common bearded dragon, also known as a wild dragon. However, there has another type as well, named fancy-beared dragons. Do you know Fancy bearded dragon vs bearded dragon factors? 

Well, wild dragons are relatively cheap and found in pet stores. On the contrary, fancy bearded dragons are specially bred dragons. They have different skin colours ( brighter tones) and unique patterns and cost more than wild ones. 

Stick here to learn the ins and outs of these two interesting types of bearded dragons.

What is Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons are named after their appearance. They look like dragons and live around 4 to 10 years. This is popular as a pet around Australia. These little pets are gentle and active in nature. 

Common bearded dragons are usually medium in size. They reach up to 2 lengths, and you can see spikes under their chin and throat. You will see various types of unique patterns on the skin. Mostly, regular wild breed dragons are found in brown colour.

Pogona Barbara Bearded Dragon

Common Colors of Bearded Dragons

  • Brown
  • Tan

Most Common Types of Bearded Dragons

  1. Pogona barbara
  2. Pogona minor

The breeding process of bearded dragons is easy and takes little of your effort. Their color, type and nature will also depend on the gene they are carrying.  

What is Fancy Bearded Dragon?

Fancy-beaded dragons have selectively bred ones. They have quite attractive patterns and skin. You will notice unique stripes, spots and patches over them.

These types of bearded dragons are rare. This is the main factor behind holding a higher price for fancy bearded dragons.

You can find them similar to purebred cats and dogs. They might hold various traits of different morphs. Some types are noticeably bigger in size and brighter in colour. 

Leather Back Bearded Dragon

Common Types of Fancy Bearded Dragons

  1. Leatherback
  2. Translucent
  3. hypo
  4. Dunner

Both the nature and appearance of fancy bearded dragons are rare. They usually hold brighter colors as:

  • Orange
  • Tiger 
  • Red
  • Citrus 

There have no specific species to breed bearded dragons. People who love to pet rare types of bearded dragons usually pay for these fancy ones. 

Main Differences Between Bearded Dragon and Fancy Bearded Dragon

The main factor in getting bearded dragons are their cost, size, colour and patterns. Check out this basic comparison table to learn more about the differences:

Basis of ComparisonNormal Bearded DragonFancy Bearded Dragon
ColorRed, yellow and vibrant shadesVibrant red and orange hues and brighter colors
Size 15 to 20 inches16 to 24 inches
PatternMurky Yellow patternDramatic Zigzag
ScaleSpines on the head and sharp body sideFewer scales and smooth
Cost$30 to $50$150 to $300 

Fancy Bearded Dragon VS Bearded Dragon: Detailed Description

Bearded Dragon And Fancy Bearded Dragon

If you are interested in getting a bearded dragon and a fancy bearded dragon as a pet, you must know the detailed description. This might lead you right in selecting your type of bearded dragon. 

Appearance: Color, Pattern, Stirpes and Skin

It is really quick to identify fancy bearded dragons and bearded dragons regarding their look. They are quite noticeably different from common bearded ones in terms of colour, patterns, stripes and skin. 

The first considerable factor is their colour. Then, you can concentrate on their skin. They usually hold brighter and reddish types of skin colours.

Fancy bearded dragons will have fewer scales and might have unusual skin markings as well. They could also carry zigzag stripes and other spots if we check on the wild types of bearded dragons.

These are primarily found in tan and brown colour. You might find white markings or spots n their skin. You might notice a camouflage print on their skin that seems really attractive.

Wild or common bearded dragons are tan in colour. Most of them are found in brown shades. The scales on their skin are more and seem to be rough. They look wilder and might have some irregular blotches on the sides. The strips look rough and go down the spine. Their blotches and stripes are lighter than fancy bearded dragons.


You can identify fancy bearded dragons and bearded dragons by noticing their spines. They have spines on their body sides and head. On the contrary, fancy ones have tiny and more spines over their body. These spines are not as sharp as bearded ones.  


The growth speed of these two is not the same. As fancy bearded dragons are specially bred, they need more time. Fancy ones will grow 1.5 inches each month. But, when it comes to bearded dragons, they will grow around 3 to 4 inches each month.


The fancy bearded dragon is distinguished colours and patterns. They have been selectively bred over the years to possess a variety of colour morphs. They are found in different types, like hypo, leatherback, silkback, and translucent. They have more vibrant colours and a unique patterned appearance than wild ones. 

Availability & Costings

This is one of the most significant differences between wild dragons vs fancy bearded dragons. 

Bearded dragons are more available than fancy bearded dragons. Fancy bearded dragons are born by selective breeding. This type of dragon is mostly bred in different colours and patterns.

The breeders follow a different individual process in breeding them. For the same reason, fancy bearded dragons are higher in price. 

Similarities Between Bearded Dragons Between Fancy Bearded Dragons

Similarities Between Fancy Bearded Dragon Vs Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons and fancy bearded dragons share a lot of similarities. The main reason behind it is fancy bearded dragons are reptile animals that are basically mutations of common bearded dragons.

 Everything in between them seems quite the same, from their weight and lifespan to their habitat, nature, and diet. However, check here to get more details: 


On average, a bearded dragon lives around 12 to 14 years. It is quite near to the fancy bearded dragons. They can live around 12 to 14 years as well. However, with proper care and maintenance, both of them can have a lifespan of 20 years.


Both bearded dragons and fancy beardies are the same in nature. They are playful, friendly, easy to calm and aggressive sometimes. That is why people love bearded dragons as a pet. They will do similar things like digging, head bobbing, waving, and hissing at different times. So, you can expect the same nature in them. That


Bearded dragons and fancy bearded dragons have similar habitat requirements, but there are some differences based on their size and activity level. Both of them can live in captivity with a proper diet. Bearded dragons and fancy bearded dragons both require a warm, dry habitat with access to basking spots and UVB lighting. In both habitats, you will need to arrange soil, holes, and playful things for these beardies. Both types of bearded dragons need stable temperatures in their enclosure to thrive. The basking area should be 95-110°F, and the cooler area should be around 75-85°F.


In terms of size, there is nothing different between wild and fancy beardies. On average, they can grow up the 2 feet long. The size and weight will stand similar after a certain age of them.


Both of the dragons are omnivores. Although They are picky eaters, they will eat both plants and animals. You can feed them hard-shelled insects, fruits, vegetables and little plants. However, the proportion will vary regarding the growth stage of the dragons.


Bearded dragons and fancy beardie are very similar regarding their basic care needs. They require similar habitation, diet, temperature, and hydration to live healthily. However, ensure proper maintenance to grow your beardies healthy. However, there has an exception with the German giants. They need different care for growing good. 

Wrap up

Normal and fancy bearded dragon morphs are both kept as pets. They look different, but their temperament and care requirements are similar.

However, owning a fancy bearded dragon may be more expensive than owning a regular bearded dragon. Fancy beardies cost twice or more than their counterparts, depending on their colour morph. 

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