Brookesia Micra: The Smallest Pygmy Leaf Chameleon In The World

Brookesia Micra: The smallest pygmy Leaf Chameleon in the world

The Brookesia Micra is one of the smallest reptiles in the world. Frank Rainer Glaw discovered it, a German herpetologist working at the Zoologist. The Brookesia Micra, also known by the name Nosy Hara leaf chameleon. Brookesia is the Scientific symbol, and “Micra” is their call name. B. Micra shares its living area with other species …


Bearded Dragon Care Sheet &Amp; Complete Guide: Beginner Friendly

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet & Complete Guide: Beginner Friendly

One of the greatest lizard pets ever is typically thought to be the central or inland bearded dragon. They are noted for being vigilant, resilient, and gentle. Fascinating behaviors are also displayed by bearded dragons, such as “arm waving,” in which a female may elevate her front leg into the air and “wave” it in …


Bearded Dragon Sleeping Habits- Is It Sleeping Too Much?

Bearded Dragon Sleeping Habits- Is It Sleeping Too Much?

The bearded dragon is an adorable, kind, and lovely reptile species.  They show some adorable and peculiar behaviors. Some of these behaviors and characteristics make owners fond of them. Especially when the owner is aware of the importance of this gesture. A bearded dragon, as is often claimed, is a diurnal mammal like us people. In …


How Smart Are Bearded Dragons

Animal Intelligence: How Smart Are Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons, or Pogonias, are a species of lizard native to Australia, New Guinea, and some of the nearby islands. They are popular as pets due to their docile and friendly nature and interesting appearance. Bearded Dragons are among the most popular reptile pets due to their colorful personalities and relatively easy-care requirements. But do …


Leopard Gecko Lifespan - How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live?

How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live? Leopard Gecko Lifespan

Leopard Geckos are fantastic animals to keep at home as a pet. They are also amazing in the wild and geckos are popular among reptiles. Leopard geckos are adorable and friendly. So it’s easy to keep them near you. Leopard geckos are considered to be the very first species of Lizard. People all over the …


Do Bearded Dragons Like To Be Held Or Pet

Do Bearded Dragons Like to be Held or Pet? Understanding Their Behavior

We often keep dogs, cats, or rabbits as our pets. Like dogs, cats, and rabbits, bearded dragons can also be kept as pets. In semi-arid or arid areas, they are commonly found all over Australia. Bearded dragons are known as pogona in scientific terms. Bearded dragons are excellent choices if you’re looking for a reptile …


Bearded Dragon Lifespan

How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live? – Lifespan In Wild & Captivity

For those who love reptiles, bearded dragons make fantastic pets. They have their own unique characteristics and are cute and entertaining. How long do they live is something you should know before bringing one home. They require long-term dedication! Although bearded dragons originated in central Australia, it is currently illegal to export wild bearded dragons. …


Endangered Species In Hawaii

7 Endangered Species In Hawaii – Reasons Why They’re Endangered

Undoubtedly, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Travel freaks frequently visit there to enjoy some lovely moments. The Hawaiian Islands are a shelter for various plants and animals as well as fish and wildlife, In addition to catering to the demands of travelers. But the majority of the animals in Hawaii …


Largest Flying Birds In The World

15 Largest Flying Birds In The World – Discover the Giant Winged Wonders

On Earth, there are nearly 10,000 different species of birds that range in size and shape from the small bee hummingbird to the enormous ostrich. Most people, when they think of large birds generally picture the ostrich or the emu, which are enormous, flightless birds,. Although it may be difficult to imagine, some of the world’s largest …