10 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders: Top Picks Dragon Breeders In The Us

Bearded dragons are popular pet reptiles found around Africa. They are famous for their calm and friendly nature. Do you know what are the best-bearded dragon breeders to choose from? 

Finding the best bearded dragon breeders and then choosing the right one takes a lot of work. You have to know about the genetic characteristic of the little animals to find the best breed. Only professional breeders know how to keep these new breeds healthy and safe. 

Stick here to learn a bit more about bearded dragon breeders. The result you will get here is all researched from the buyer’s interests. 

How to Know a Quality Bearded Dragon?

How To Know A Quality Bearded Dragon?

A healthy bearded dragon will have a normal lifestyle. You must maintain what is their diet and living requirements. Give a quick check on these few things to know if your little pet is healthy or not:

  • They will show excitement and curiosity about nature. They will interact with other elements of nature. Generally, bearded dragons show interest in their environment when they are doing good.
  • You should check the face area of the bearded dragon. Especially the face, ears, and nose should be clean and healthy. 
  • If your dragons are eating well, they will have a round belly. Also, a healthy beardie will have a good appetite. They will also have a good digestion system. You will notice healthy ones eat and poop regularly. 

What to Look for in a Good Bearded Dragon Breeder?

Bearded Dragon Beeders

Proper bearded dragon breeding has a lot to do with the quality of dragons. Selecting a bearded dragon from any random pet store might make you go through loss.

It is better if we learn what to look for in a good bearded dragon breeder. The prior condition is they must be professional. Here are some other things that you must keep in mind:

Showcase Health Factors

Sometimes, the health of the beardies depends on genetic factors. The breeder should ensure the breeder dragons are free from genetic defects. Breeders should have details and proof of their health condition. 

Maintain Living Environment

Beardies should maintain a clean and healthy environment for living. There should be enough ventilation and lighting. A good breeder will show you how they maintain the living environment for the beardies. 

Additional facility

Reputable breeder adds certain types of additional breeding facilities. The enclosure should be appropriate for the dragon and set up correctly to provide a healthy and comfortable environment. The reptile breeder will ensure these additional things in detail. 

Experience & professionalism

Many breeders might have years of experience maintaining this cb reptile. Most breeders know how to maintain a stress-free environment when breeding bearded dragons.

They know how to provide good facilities for the beardies. If you buy a bearded dragon from them, they can guide you through the right maintenance process.

You should know that bearded dragons adapt a lot in their behavior from what environment they grow. 


Having a good website for the breeders will e better. This way, you can know what their business condition is, who they are doing the process, and what types of bearded dragons they have.

This is a term of professionalism as well. You can easily get a lot of experienced breeders who have legally accepted websites for selling beardies.

This way, your breeder will be more accessible. Remember, even after selling the beardies to you, the seller/ breeder carries some responsibility. After all, they know what are the best you can arrange for the little reptiles. 

Legal Support & Guarantee

You should check the breeders’ profiles to know about their work. This will describe their experience, knowledge, and credentials in detail.

Also, check if the breeders have consumer support and credibility or not. You will need information like breeder supports services. Animal shipping process and guarantees. 


A good breeder will have transparency of their entire procedure of breeding. If they need to provide more information on the website, ask them anything you would want to know before purchasing.

They should have information about food, health, environment written. 


The cost is a necessary thing to consider. You should know if the beardies are worth the price or not. A good breeder will decide the price regarding market demand and the dragon’s quality. 

10 best bearded dragon breeders 

It is tough to find the best-bearded dragon breeders for many reasons. Because of personal and additional challenges, continuing breeding for the long term is challenging. That’s why most breeders continue the business for a short time.

Here we have picked the ten best breeders of baddies who are available and ways to access them online: 

1. Fire and Ice Dragons

Top Best Bearded Dragon Breeders - Fire And Ice Dragons

Fire and ice dragons have over 18 years of experience around 18 years. They are always on a tip regarding service quality and professionals. They meet all the criteria of credibility of being the best breeder. 


  • They have a good collection of unique and colorful morphs.
  • Their mutation process is healthy and safe.
  • They maintain a healthy diet for the beardies.
  • You will see described sheets and charts of their care and food requirements. 

Fire and ice dragons were founded by Terri Sommella in Pennsylvania. They are the first to produce specified morph in different colors and citrus morph.

They have special addition of Wero, Zero, hypo ice, leatherback, hypo pastel, and other high-colored dragons. 

The company ensures satisfaction guarantee with the beardies. You will also get 14 days live on the guarantee.

You can replace them within 24 hours of purchasing. You might also get refunds- they come with conditions. 

They offer a good price range that extends from $175 to $1000. You will get payment plans regarding your need and requirements. 

2. Dachiu Bearded Dragons

10 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders - Dachiu Bearded Dragons

Dachiu bearded dragons were founded in 1996 by a married couple. It all started when they adopted a bearded dragon as their pet.

Later, they loved the beardie so much that they thought of opening a company of breeding. And, soon, their plan happened in real and got succeeded as well. 

Dacia has a good reputation for its responsiveness. They tend to answer questions 24/7 after purchasing. They also have a good detailed description of the care and food they feed the dragons.

The company encourages you to reach out immediately if you experience any issues. 


  • They are available both online and online
  • They offer sexing and hatching
  • Best in terms of accountability

Dachau is also situated in Pennsylvania, but they are available worldwide online. You will receive Paradox, Witbilt, dunner, leather back, and translucent. Hypomelanistic and other unique beardies are available to them. 

3. Kids and Dragons

 Kids And Dragons

Kids and Dragons are based in Texas and located in San Antonio. This company is well known for breeding tight morph, which is rare.

Kids and dragons provide every possible detail about the genetic, mutation process, temperament, and even detailing. They are quite responsive if you find defective dragons. They offer 14 days live on guarantees as well. 


  • Superior customer service 
  • Replacements and live-on guarantees
  • Detailed descriptions

You will get Dunner, Witbits, Zero, Hypomenaiistic, translucent, Leatherback, and other morphs available to them. The cost will be around $250 to $475 on average. 

4. Captive Bred Reptiles (CB Reptile)

Captive Bred Reptiles

CB Reptiles is a family-owned USA-centred business for selling bearded dragons at the best price. They have a stunning collection of bearded dragon morphs. You will find baby dragons to adult ones from them. They also sell hatching ones as well.

CB guarantees good health guarantee with the best quality. They have onsite biologists to maintain your reptile’s health well. You will also get seven days of health and live-on guarantee. 


  • Health and Live on guarantee
  • Onsite health care
  • Stunning Reptile collections
  • 100% captive bred

CB provides a care sheet with all the required details. The company is aware of animal transportation rules. The temperature of their transportation, as well as the environment, is maintained well. 

5. Phantom dragons

Phantom Dragons have more than 0 years of experience in owning a breeding business around California. The company follows proper farming procedures to maintain the good health of the reptile. Phantom clearly provides genetic and lineage information about your beardies. 

Phnatom dragons are a bit costlier than other beardies. The price range extends from $280 to $3,600. The reason behind the price is their collection and quality. 

Phantom has a collection of Zero, Witbits, Phantom Stripe, Translucent, and Leatherback. You will also get a combination of these morphs. Contact the website for getting beardies on huge sale. Each of the beardies comes with 14 days live guarantee.


  • Good customer service
  • Live on guarantee
  • High-quality and healthy beardies

This company has got 10-star ratings from other morph associations. They maintain detailed care sheets and retailer descriptions to ensure transparency towards their customers. 

6. Fairytail Dragons

Fairytail Dragons

Fairytail Dragons are another experienced breeding company. They were established 15 years and today hold worldwide customers.

Their breeder dragons are popularly known for being super friendly. This is because they know what is the suitable environment to breed the dragons. 

The company takes care of its shipment process. They also hold responsibility after selling the beardies to customers. The company encourages them to notify them about the health condition of sold beardies. 


  • Superior customer service
  • Healthy & and raised beardies
  • Socialized beardies

Fairytail dragons are super conscious about shifting the beardies. They use FedEx and ship only on weekends. This ensures on-time delivery and safety of the beardies. You will get to purchase them worldwide through their website. 

7. LLL Reptiles

Lll Reptiles

LLL Reptiles is one of the most experienced beardies-selling companies. They have been holding market crowns for 15 years now. LLL is located in California but is available worldwide through its website.

They are known for providing large supplies of beardies in different breeds. If you notice anything wrong, ensure to contact customer care within 24 hours. They are always ready to give you fast customer service. 


  • Customer service
  • Fast delivery
  • Affordable price guarantee

LLL Reptiles ensure three days health guarantee for the reptiles. No online breeder can give you a smart price range than it. LLB ensures it can beat any bearded dragon shop by 5% regarding price.

8. Here B Dragons

Here B Dragons

If you want top-quality bearded dragon for sale, Here B Dragon is a must-visit page. It is situated in Manchester but maintains a good business worldwide. They offer a tremendous shipping system. They have a worldwide free shipping scheme. 

The company ensures a clean and well-maintained environment for the beardies. The best thing is, here, you will get a 30-day guarantee after purchasing the dragons. They also offer sales at different times on their website. 


  • Excellent customer service
  • No hassle guarantee
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Here B Dragons have a good reputation for providing the cleanest breeding facilities. You will also get tips from them to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your morphs. 

9. Cliffhanger Reptiles

Cliffhanger Reptiles

Cliffhanger Reptiles is another family-owned business that holds a good reputation for selling excellent beardies. They have a great variety of morphs. Even the company is the first one to sell green morphs. 

Here, you will get six days health guarantee with purchasing. They concentrate on health factors as well. They check the reptiles individually.

You will receive a detailed description of the beardies with a cover sheet. This provides enough information for the customers to choose the right one.

If you find any issue with the beardies, contact them through the website in 45 minutes. The company will ensure you are getting a safe replacement as soon as possible.


  • Six days live on guarantee
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Healthy beardies 

You will get a good range of beardies on cliffhangers. They have Genetic stripes, Duner, Zero, Translucent, Hypomelanstic, and Leatherback.

If you want beards from color lines: they also have lush jungle, royal lemon orange creamsicles, and scarlet fire. All these will range from $100 to $400. 

10. Spice Dragons

Spice Dragons

Spice Dragons were founded in 2007 in California. They have made a good brand within a short time. You will get a good collection of bright baby bearded dragon from them. Spice dragons are available with 30 days health guarantee.

The customer service is quite accountable. If, somehow, you experience health issues with the beardies, you can send them back. In such a case, you will also get half of the shipment cost back. 


  • 30 days health guarantee
  • Bright-colored morph collection
  • Accountable customer service 

They have a collection of Paradox, Wero, Red, Zero, and Witblitys. These are available for $100 to $1200. The website has shown a good care guide and details added to the website. Customers can grab a good guideline from there. 

Wrap Up

It’s important to do your own research and due diligence before purchasing a bearded dragon or any other pet reptile from a breeder. Here, you have known tips about funding the best breeders for beardies.

You have also got a list of the ten best-bearded dragon breeders in 2023. They are all available online, and you can grab massive sales by purchasing directly from their website. 

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