Can You Own A Pet Panther?: Know The Truth

Exotic animals are not allowed to pet in every country. So, you are concerned about whether you can own a pet panther or not. Well, your concern is justified because knowing this information is essential. Otherwise, you may get into legal problems doubtlessly. 

So, can you own a pet panther? Panthers cannot be kept as pets because they are wild animals. They can harm you badly. But legally, you can own pet panthers in some countries such as Germany, Thailand, Pakistan, France, etc. On the other hand, most of the countries do not allow to pet panthers. 

However, this article will discuss the reasons you cannot own a pet panther, the countries it is legalized, the diet of a pet panther, other alternatives for the panther, and many more. Please keep reading to learn more. 

Can You Own a Pet Panther?

Can You Own A Pet Panther?

You may want to own exotic animals, but a pet panther is not a good option. They are wild predators. Although some countries allow you to pet them, they still have requirements. However, I have written six valid reasons why you cannot own a pet Panther below points. Please have a look at it- 

They are wild animals

  Can You Own A Pet Panther?- Know The Truth

The panthers are big cat that live in the wild. They deserve to be free. They cannot live anywhere except in their natural habitat. They are habituated to exploring outside and hunting. But if you still keep wild animals in the cage, they will feel irritated there. Most panthers are trapped in a zoo.

In a cage, they are not able to do the activities they usually do in their natural habitat. Wild animals in captivity can suffer badly in the cage. It will lead them to become frustrated. Hence, it will be difficult for you to pet them. 

They are dangerous

Panthers are dangerous animals. They are big wild cats like leopards, tigers, and jaguars. Indeed, a Panther won’t hurt you unless they feel unsafe from you. But  Panthers can kill humans or other cub animals if they feel threatened. They are powerful pets.

So, even if you get a mistaken hit from them, you will be badly injured. Besides, the Panthers can run very fast. So if you want to defend yourself, it may take a lot of time to save  On the contrary, they can kill your other pet animals. Most owners abandon them, so big cat rescue can come in help to save those animals and safeguard them.

They have many records in the countries of killing pet animals and humans. Hence, the idea of owning a pet panther is not good.

They are expensive

The Panthers are costly. The average cost of Panther is around $500-$5000. Apart from that, panthers need an appropriate diet. They also need a perfect enclosure enrichment that can keep them comfortable. These specific requirements need a lot of money to spend on them. 

As their living is quite costly, only rich people can afford to buy Panther. They can meet their needs. But they may require to take permission to own them.

They are not domesticated

Panthers are not domesticated animals. They are not docile to you. They are not good animals as a pet. While they might be tamed, you can’t be sure that they won’t harm you. As they are wild animals, they can harm you anytime. There are such records that tamed wild animals have attacked their owners after fully growing up. So you should avoid to keep a panther as a pet.

They are endangered

Panthers are endangered species. It means they always feel that they are in danger. But it indeed has a reason. Their habitats are often destroyed. For which, they always feel threatened with danger. As they attack humans when they feel threatened, they can unexpectedly attack you anytime. 

Is It Legal to Own a Pet Panther?

The legality of having a pet a black Panther depends on the country itself. You can own a pet Panther in some countries if you have a license or get a permit. The license can give you exotic pet ownership. On the contrary, many countries allow you to pet a Panther without a permit. 

The countries that allow pet panthers without a license are – Thailand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. The countries that allow pet panthers with licenses are – Germany and France.

But the countries that allow pet Panthers without licenses have strict guidelines to pet a Panther. But many countries have outlawed the practice of petting a pet including Africa and Asia.

But it does not mean that panthers should be kept as a pet. Keeping a black panther as a pet is a bad idea. So, you need to be aware of it.

Check the legal status here!

Can You Train a Pet Panther? 

Can You Train A Pet Panther? 

You can train a pet, Panther. But the taming won’t last long. Panthers are not like other kinds of animals. They can anytime go back to their instinct.

You might think they are properly tamed and living with you well. But if any of them feel threatened by you, they won’t take a second to kill you. 

So, if you are planning to tame them, you should leave this idea. Panthers cannot live with humans. But if you are an expert, you may able to pet a Panther successfully. 

The Alternative Options for Panther

Panthers are wild animals. But if you want exotic pet animals, you should go with the ones that won’t kill you. So I have listed some alternative options to a pet instead of a Panther. Please check it out:


Lizards have a docile nature. This reptile can live with you very well with proper care. But if you make them feel unsafe, they may injure you. 


Birds are friendly to their owners. They can be easily tamed. They also make great companions. So, if you have other pets in the house, you have no fear of them hurting your other pets. 


Small cats are domesticated pets. You can have domestic cats as pets. They will be good pets. You can easily befriend them. But at first, it may get difficult for them to trust you. So you need to have a gentle approach to them. They will gradually build their trust in you. 

Petting dangerous wild animals is never a good idea. The Panthers are terrible pets. They are wild and exotic. So these alternatives are good for human safety. They make good pets. Besides, owning a panther requires a lot of skill to handle them. If you don’t have permission to own a panther, then you should not pet them. 


Owning panthers as pets is dangerous. Especially when you are not an expert in handling a panther, then you should not pet them. But it really won’t matter if owning them is not legal in the country you live in.

Some European countries may allow you to own them with a license. On the contrary, you can own them without a license in a few countries such as Thailand and South Africa. 

However, I suggest that whether it is legal or not in a specific country, you should not pet a panther unless you are trained well to handle them. Regardless of knowing the facts, if you are not trained and pet a panther, it won’t end well. So, you have to be careful about it. 


Does Panthers Like Humans?

Usually, panthers are not domesticated pets. But they won’t harm humans unless they feel threatened by them. But as they are wild animals, you should not trust petting them. They can undoubtedly harm you even if they are practically safe from you.

What Is The Cost Of A Panther?

The cost of a Panther may vary between $500-$5000. You may get confused because of the price variation. Well, the price can depend on their size and age. So, the price strongly depends on your preference for the Panther.

Can Panthers Kill Other Animals?

Yes. Panthers can kill people and other pets. They are predators so it is frequent for them to kill animals such as cats and dogs. Apart from this, there has been a huge record of Florida panthers killing other animals in Florida.

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