Can Snakes Climb Walls?- Which Walls Snake Can’t Climb On?

If you live somewhere around bushes or it’s the SNAKE SEASON, you must have this question; can snakes climb walls

Well, the terrifying answer is, they can climb walls. But there have many exceptions. Whether a snake can climb walls or not will depend on various factors.

Some snakes can climb walls, and others can’t. This answer will also depend on which type of walls you’re indicating. 

No worries, this article will give you the ins and outs details about snakes climbing on borewells. 

How Do Snakes Climb Walls?

Can Snakes Climb Walls

Snakes generally use their muscles and body to climb over anything. Their body is lightweight and smooth, which helps them to move swiftly.

While climbing on walls, they can adjust their bodies into the grooves of bricks. And they will crawl up the bricks while pushing themselves with their muscles.

They can also climb while using any gaps or service of walls. However, this entire thing will depend on how strong the Snake’s muscles are.

Research said; Snakes can increase their motion while climbing as Concertina. This motion is somewhere between folding and unfolding the body continuously. 

Can Snakes Climb Walls?

Yes, Snakes can climb walls. However, this is not common and feels drastic regarding the rules of gravity. A snake has to put too much pressure to climb on walls or surfaces like that.

Still, there have certain techniques that snakes use to climb the walls. They can use the serpentine strategy, content strategy, and rectilinear movement side winding movements to do this. 

However, they are used to climbing high surfaces for several reasons. 

If thew either is too cold, they will climb anywhere that can give them a cozy environment. It also can climb to follow prey. It is a common reason why you will see them on walls.

They can also climb if there is any other snake already above the wall. They can smell their mates, and it will make them climb big walls.

There is another crucial reason that makes snakes give too much energy to climb well. It can happen if they want to escape from something. However, food is their biggest motivation for climbing up big walls. 

There have certain types of walls that snakes would not get to climb on. Especially plastered walls, glass walls, and metal walls are something snakes will get a tough time climbing.

On the other hand, venomous snakes can easily reach up to stone walls, as they will have too many uneven edges. 

If you don’t want snakes climbing your house walls, there are some precautions you can try. 

Can Snakes Climb High Concrete Walls?

Can Snakes Climb High Concrete Walls?

Yes, snakes will get to climb high concrete walls quite easily. Concrete walls are not generally smooth and hold a lot of crannies. Sometimes, such walls can have bricks and spaces for snakes to hold on to. Such walls might have enough spaces where snakes can put a good grip.

Can snakes climb brick walls?

Can Snakes Climb Brick Walls?

Yes, brick walls are relatively much easier for sales to climb. They are relatively easier than concrete ones. Bricks will have rough edges and gaps for snakes to get a grip. If the brick wall has horizontal ledges, it seems much easier. 

Can Snake Climb Stucco Walls?

 Snake Climb Stucco Walls

Stucco walls are not that easy for snakes climb on. This is because they don’t hold enough edges or holes to put pressure on. Moreover, snakes are unable to put pressure on walls. They have to continuously drag themselves upper side with the muscles.

And, if the stucco walls don’t have any uneven surfaces, it will be tougher for them. However, stucco walls are not completely impossible to climb on for snakes. 

Can Snake climb Glass or Smooth Walls?

Well, glasses are a possible surface for snakes to climb on. They have the ability to climb on glass windows. But this will depend on how high the glasses are.

If the Glass is less than the Snake’s length, they will not get to climb. Glass is a kind of smooth surface, and as per the research, snakes are excellent climbers but can not climb on smooth walls. There, they will not get enough space to have a grip. 

Can Snakes Climb Vinyl Siding?

Smaller snake species, such as corn snakes or garter snakes, may have an easier time climbing vinyl sliding. But, this is not possible for every Snake to climb vinyl sliding.

Snakes can’t stick to walls like lizards. Larger or heavier snake species may struggle to climb smooth surfaces like vinyl siding.

Can Snakes Climb Stairs?

No, snakes cannot climb stairs in the same way that humans do. They do not have any limbs for that. Snakes are unable to lift their bodies vertically to climb stairs.

However, some larger snake species may be able to move up or down. This gives them the ability to flight of stairs by using their muscular body to push and pull themselves forward.

Which Snakes Can Climb Walls?

There have certain species of snakes that climb a wall more easily than others. Snakes may have swift and faster motion, but it is not possible for all snakes. 

One of the most popular snakes that can climb the walls is the Rat snake. They can climb trees faster than any other snakes. The same goes for brick walls and stone walls. These snakes climb stars as well. 

There has some other snakes, named; king snake, Garter Snake, corn snake, and bull snake, that are known to climb faster on walls. Also, green anacondas, pythons, and boa constrictors are known as climbing snakes.

All these species of snakes are excellent at climbing. The basic reason behind this ability is that they are lighter in weight and longer in size.

And this is a rule of thumb that such snakes will make it easier to climb on trees and walls. Besides, these snakes have stronger muscles than other snakes. Also, their scales seem to be smaller and smoother. 

These are the things that make exceptions here. Regarding their biological construction, they will get to have a better grip on taller surfaces like walls. Some of these above-mentioned snakes are venomous, and some are not. There is nothing to do with their venom while climbing on walls. So, you better stay safe! 


Yes, snakes are able to climb walls regarding their physical and the wall type. However, snakes cannot climb walls due to specific reasons.

If the wall is made of smooth surfaces, they will not get it easily. Some snakes have special physic to climb brick walls and stone ones. Snakes, right, have certain techniques, but they can not crawl and climb on walls the way insects do. All these will depend on the kinds of walls and their physic.

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