Do Bearded Dragons and Dogs Get Along? Can they live together?

We love to have pets at our home. So when you have a dog at your home and you want to have some more pets, you need to think about how will they get along.

Similarly, if you want to have a bearded dragon with your dog, you must search for the answer to the question – Do bearded dragons and dogs get along?

There are some particular guidelines for bearded dragons with dogs, but it always comes down to a real-time experience of how your dog will behave with a reptile or canine.

So you need to know everything about this before having a dog and bearded dragon together as a pet. Now I will tell you the details about this. Let’s dive into it.

Can Beardies and Dogs Be Friends?

Do Bearded Dragons And Dogs Get Along?

Yes, bearded dragons (Beardies) and dogs can be friends with proper training and socialization. However, it is important to provide a safe and supervised environment to ensure the well-being of both pets.

Having said that, you should always notice the situation when your bearded dragon and dog come closer to each other. First of all, you have to introduce your beardie and dog properly.

Then they will not mess around with each other. You can take the bearded dragon in your hand and show it to the dog. Before their good relationship, you shouldn’t let the bearded dragon roam around; it might make the dog excited.

There are so many reasons to get along with dogs and bearded dragons. Now I will tell you the reasons. 

Why Do Bearded Dragons and Dogs Get Along? 

Why Do Bearded Dragons And Dogs Get Along

Below are the reasons why bearded dragons and dogs can get along-

Reason 1 

Normal reptiles are not that many social animals. Bearded dragons are more social than other reptiles. The benefit of their sociality is they spend time with other pets in your home.

They can spend time with other pets doing activities like watching tv, playing with toys, etc. As bearded dragons are social, they can easily get along with dogs.

There is so much evidence of beardies and dogs playing together. In the mating season dog’s temperament can be changed, and so does the dragon’s.

So it is good to keep them apart from each other in this particular period. 

Reason 2 

Dogs feel comfortable staying in any warm place. Some bearded dragons also like to enjoy spending time under the sun for up to 8 hours.

As a result, your bearded dragon and your dog can be napping buddies. But if you are going out of the house, you should not keep your bearded dragons out of the vivarium. They can get cold even under the sun. 

Reason 3 

It’s a good idea to get harnesses for your beardies and dogs. That means you can go for a walk with both of the animals. It will let your dogs and bearded dragons get along easily.

First, you can go for a walk with the bearded dragon then it will get used to it. After that, you can go out with both of them.  

Are Bearded Dragons Afraid of Dogs?

Bearded dragons may be afraid of dogs, but it depends on how their interaction begins. Usually, bearded dragons can be afraid of big dogs. But if they are introduced to each other in a good manner, they can become friends easily.

The relationship between two pets has a different starting point. If the bearded dragon is healthy, well-bred, social, and friendly with other pets the chance of being afraid of dogs is low.

This is a normal thing to be afraid of an animal 100 times bigger than you. But if you introduce them slowly, the bearded dragon won’t be afraid of the dog. So you need to introduce a dog to a bearded dragon properly.

Why is My Dog Barking at My Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons Afraid Of Dogs

Sometimes your dog may bark at your bearded dragon. It can be a signal for interacting with the bearded dragon. So you should not disturb their communication. But it can also happen when your dog annoys your bearded dragon. So make sure your dog doesn’t attack your bearded dragon and your beardie doesn’t feel threatened.

Do Bearded Dragons Chase Dogs?

In the primary stage of the introduction of your dog and bearded dragon, it’s not a good idea to let your bearded dragon chase the dog. It looks funny, but it can make your dog so angry.

Normally it happens to puppies. But it can happen to bigger dogs too, those who don’t interact with any smaller pets before. When your bearded dragon chases your dog, if the dog behaves friendly then it’s okay. But you should always keep an eye on them.  

Will My Dog Eat My Bearded Dragon?

In general, dogs don’t eat bearded dragons. But it can happen. So you have to be careful about this. When you keep a bearded dragon as a pet, you must train your dog so that it doesn’t take the bearded dragon in his mouth.

You shouldn’t leave your dog and bearded dragon alone. You should always keep an eye on them to avoid any kind of accident. So normally there is no chance of eating your bearded dragon, but you have to train your dog properly. 

Can Dogs Get Salmonella From Bearded Dragons?

Salmonella is one kind of bacteria. Dogs can get salmonella from bearded dragons. It won’t show any symptoms. The silent salmonella of dogs can infect humans lately. Bearded dragons are linked to these infections.

It mainly spreads by their droppings. So you should follow these steps to avoid infections. 

  • 1. You shouldn’t make contact with your bearded dragon’s face. 
  • 2. You must clean and disinfect the enclosure of your bearded dragon.
  • 3. After interacting with your bearded dragon, wash your hands. 
  • 4. Keep your bearded dragon away from your kitchen, food, and your face. 

What if My Dog Ate Bearded Dragon’s Poop?

When your dog eats bearded dragons poop, there is a high risk of spreading salmonella or your dog can vomit. Dogs have a much stronger immune system so it won’t cause much of a problem. But you should keep your dogs away from any kind of feces. 

Final Words

Can bearded dragons and dogs get along? Now you know the answer. Hope this blog will help you to introduce your dogs to your bearded dragons. You just need to follow the procedures properly; then there won’t be any problem. You should never leave your pets at home alone. If you follow the steps, your dog will get along well with the bearded dragon.

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