Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage:  Healthy Diet for Dragons

No wonder cabbage is a healthy vegetable. But is it healthy for bearded dragons? As a bearded dragon owner, it could be a great concern for you! 

So, I’m here to answer your queries about cabbage in a bearded dragon’s diet. But in short, I can say you can give cabbage to your bearded dragon. It is safe for them. 

Now, let’s not waste a minute and jump into the blog to learn Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage? 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage:  Healthy Diet For Bearded Dragon

Yes. They can. Bearded dragons are omnivorous reptiles. So,  insects and vegetables are both important for a healthy diet. There is a good amount of nutrition available in cabbage.

 It is enriched in vitamin C, iron, and potassium. All these are essential for their healthy development. It creates a better immune system for their body. Cabbage is low in sugar and fat, which helps to maintain a healthy diet for your bearded dragon. 

What types of Cabbage Can I give to my bearded dragons

There are so many varieties of cabbages available in the market. So,  which one would be healthier? Let’s take a look. 

Green Cabbage

There is no doubt that green cabbage is a healthy vegetable for bearded dragons. It is a good source of vitamin C, iron, and potassium. It has a low level of oxalates, and the calcium to phosphorus ratio is 2:1.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbages are healthier than green cabbages. They are low in sugar and fat. So, it keeps lower the chance of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other health issues. Here the calcium to phosphorus level is 1.5:1, which is really good for your bearded dragon. Red cabbage also consists of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and B6, which help to maintain blood cells, tissue health, and a good nervous system. 

Napa Cabbage

Bearded Dragons Eating Napa Cabbage
Bearded dragons eating Napa Cabbage

It is also known as Chinese cabbage. It has a good amount of Vitamin C,  Vitamin A, and fiber. The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is safe for bearded dragons. But, it has a high amount of moisture, which can cause diarrhea or stomach issues. 

Savoy Cabbage

The cabbage has similar nutrients to green cabbage. It has thin and crispy leaves. Savoy cabbage is also slightly acidic, which can cause stomach and digestive issues for your beardie. The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is not safe for bearded dragons in this cabbage. There is a higher amount of phosphorus in it, which is life-threatening for bearded dragons.

How can I serve Cabbage to the bearded dragon? 

How Can I Serve Cabbage To The Bearded Dragon? 
Soft cabbage leaves for beardie

As bearded dragons can eat cabbage, you can serve it occasionally. You don’t need to take so much preparation to serve. You just need to follow some simple steps: 

  • First, choose raw and organic cabbage for your bearded dragon. You should not serve Canned or frozen cabbage to your beardie. 
  • Wash the cabbage properly and peel off the outer leaves. 
  • Give some soft cabbage leaves to your bearded dragon. Don’t give cabbage stalk to them. It is too hard for them to digest. 
  • At last, chop the cabbage leaves and serve it before them. 

How often can I give cabbage to a bearded dragon? 

Well,  it depends on the goitrogenic food they are taking daily. It would be fine to feed them cabbage once or twice a week. 

Is there any risk of having too much cabbage? 

As cabbage is a goitrogenic vegetable, it increases the chance of thyroid issues. Unlimited intake of goitrogenic food causes swelling of the thyroid gland abnormally. All types of cabbages are goitrogenic. So,  you can cut down the risk by limiting the amount of cabbage intake of your bearded dragon. 

Final thought

Cabbage is a healthy vegetable for bearded dragons. It is really important for their overall immune system. However, you need to be extra cautious before introducing any new food to your bearded dragon. So,  try to give it in smaller amounts on a trial basis. It would help you to decide if your bearded dragon can eat cabbages or not.


Can I give raw cabbage to the bearded dragon? 

Yes. Of course, you can. Fresh and raw cabbage is healthier for a bearded dragon. But you need to avoid canned or frozen cabbage. 

Can I give cooked cabbage to the bearded dragon? 

Yes. You can. It is safe to feed them cooked cabbage. But do not feed too much of it. You need to give it in moderation. 

Can baby bearded dragons eat Cabbage? 

Yes. It is safe for both baby and adult bearded dragons. However, you need to serve it to their diet in moderation. 


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