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Jorunna Parva: Interesting Facts About The Sea Bunny Slug

Sea Bunny: 12 Interesting Facts About Jorunna Parva The Slug

Sea bunnies are exciting types of sea slug mostly found in Aplysiidae. They are also known as Jorunna parva.  Do you want to know more about Sea Bunny?  Sea bunnies resemble cute fluffy rabbits. They are found in the Indian Ocean, Phillippines, and Jaan coats. The most interesting thing about sea bunnies is their soft, …


7 Best Places With Monkeys For Sale In Texas

8 Best Places With Monkeys For Sale In Texas

Monkeys can be the ideal partner to your living. What you need to stay happy is an animal that exhibits all the human emotions while also being incredibly joyful and full of energy, much like a child. Owning these exotic animals at home is frowned upon in many nations. But if you live in Texas, …


What Do Blobfish Look Like Underwater

What Do Blobfish Look Like Underwater & Under Pressure?

Have you ever heard of the blobfish also known as “Psychrolutes Marcidus“? The blobfish is a unique species of fish that can be found underwater. This odd-looking creature has become somewhat of an internet sensation due to its unique appearance. The blobfish is even more fascinating because it lives in one of the harshest environments …


Are Leopard Geckos Social

are leopard geckos social: Know The Facts

If you are a pet lover who wants to buy leopard Geckos, you may want to know about them. Knowing if the leopard Geckos is social or not can help you to determine many factors. After all, you are going to pet this creature for an uncertain time.  So, are leopard Geckos social? Leopard Geckos …


Leopard Gecko Diet

leopard gecko diet: What’s Healthy & What’s Toxic

Leopard geckos are a popular lizard among amateur pet owners. Leopard geckos are naturally insectivores, consuming only insects like crickets. This makes them simple to feed and more simple to overfeed. So it’s very important to understand the leopard gecko diet and which bugs are best for them and what are not. What Does a Leopard …


Are Leopard Geckos Crepuscular? Whats Crepuscular Nature

Are Leopard Geckos Crepuscular?- What’s crepuscular nature

Leopard Geckos spend most of their day sleeping. It is natural for them to be awake during the day and sleep during the night. Well, it keeps people in a delusional thinking are leopard geckos, Crepuscular or Nocturnal.  Leopard Geckos are crepuscular and are active during the twilight hours. Their behavior and actions vary depending …


Are Leopard Geckos Nocturnal

Are Leopard Geckos Nocturnal Or Diurnal Or Crepuscular?

Eublepharis macularius, a fascinating lizard with a stunning look and mild disposition, is the leopard gecko. Leopard geckos’ behavior pattern is one of its most fascinating characteristics, which begs the question- are leopard geckos nocturnal or diurnal organisms. In contrast to nocturnal animals, pet leopard gecko sleep during the day and you may find them …


How Big Do Leopard Geckos Get

Leopard Gecko Size: How Big Do Leopard Geckos Get? 

It is not easy to choose the ideal pet for yourself and it is not easy to take care of all kinds of pets either. However, if you want to be a reptile pet parent, leopard geckos should be your first choice. Your new scaly friend will be small and low-maintenance. Leopard geckos typically only …


How Much Does An Ocelot Cost

How Much Does An Ocelot Cost: A Guide To Buy A Ocelot Pet

Are you interested in keeping an exotic pet? Then an Ocelot could be a good choice for that. But owning an Ocelot could be really heavy on your pocket! It is not usually safe to keep an exotic animal at your home. Cause it is difficult for them to get used to a homely environment. …