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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries?

Raspberries are not only loved by humans but also bearded dragons. You may have seen beardies having raspberries in videos or pictures, yet you may have the question, “Can bearded dragons eat raspberries?”  Fortunately, yes, bearded dragons can consume raspberries, but there are some things you should consider before feeding them this tasty fruit. You …


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage: Healthy Diet For Bearded Dragon

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cabbage:  Healthy Diet for Dragons

No wonder cabbage is a healthy vegetable. But is it healthy for bearded dragons? As a bearded dragon owner, it could be a great concern for you!  So, I’m here to answer your queries about cabbage in a bearded dragon’s diet. But in short, I can say you can give cabbage to your bearded dragon. …


Best Bearded Dragon Soap

Best Bearded Dragon Soap : Can I Wash My Bearded Dragon With Soap

If you recently own a bearded dragon, you must be concerned about how to clean your bearded dragon. Though it is not rocket science, you must understand how to bathe your bearded dragon properly. A regular bath is a very effective way to keep your bearded dragon healthy. But using soap for a bath can …


How To Bathe A Bearded Dragon

How To Bathe A Bearded Dragon : Bearded Dragon Bath Guide

Bearded dragons are reptiles that inhabit in Australia’s deserts, woods, and shrub areas. Although some bearded dragon species originate from arid natural settings, many of them like spending time in water. If you own a bearded dragon, you’ll need to know how to bathe a bearded dragon. Baths are quite helpful to these pet reptiles, …


Bearded Dragon Poop: Common Issues And Effective Solutions

Bearded Dragon Poop: Common Issues and Effective Solutions

Bowel movement is an essential factor in one’s body health. And the same goes with the bearded dragon poop. The texture, appearance, frequency, and types of bearded dragon poop help you to understand your beardie’s health condition. Thus, I have discussed every relevant thing that can help you to fix the prevalent issues with their …


Bearded Dragon Mating Behavior

Bearded Dragon Mating Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

As a reptile lover, I wanted to pet a bearded dragon for so long. But I think keeping a pet is not an easy task. It becomes your responsibility to take care of your cute little friend. So, I researched bearded dragons’ behavior, eating habits, and their reproductive process. I came to know some interesting …


Weber'S Sailfin Dragon

The Unique Facts of Weber’s Sailfin Dragon

A rare species of lizard native to the Philippines and Indonesia is called a sailfin dragon. These dragons feature vivid colors, a long “sail” down their back, and a maximum length of roughly three feet. For these lizards to be kept in captivity, a significant degree of expertise and dedication were needed. Regrettably, the exotic …


Bearded Dragon Care Sheet &Amp; Complete Guide: Beginner Friendly

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet & Complete Guide: Beginner Friendly

One of the greatest lizard pets ever is typically thought to be the central or inland bearded dragon. They are noted for being vigilant, resilient, and gentle. Fascinating behaviors are also displayed by bearded dragons, such as “arm waving,” in which a female may elevate her front leg into the air and “wave” it in …