10 Best Places With Peacocks for Sale in Virginia

If you live in Virginia, there’s a high chance you’ve seen a few neighbors have peacocks as pets. The demand for this exotic bird has been increasing in recent years. This is why now there are even many peacock sellers in the state. 

But it’s not wise to trust anybody. One should do proper research as some sellers ask for a high price, and others may try to sell you sick birds without you noticing. But if you’re from one of those who don’t have enough time to research,

Here’s the list of 10 best places with peacocks for sale in Virginia. All the breeders and bird owners mentioned here are reputed and experienced in raising quality peacocks, peahens, and peafowls. So stop worrying further and pick one farm to visit soon.

10 Best Places with Peacocks for Sale in Virginia

These reputable breeders and owners have been selling various exotic birds, including peacocks, for years. 

1. Gardienne Farm 

Gardienne Farm 

Gardienne Farm is a famous and trustworthy breeder in Sumerduck, Virginia. They’ve been successfully breeding beautiful peacocks for years. The place is also big enough for you to walk around and explore other exotic birds and animals, except for peacocks. 

They even sell peafowl eggs that no other farm does. Different species and various colored peacocks are found there. The charges are also reasonable.

It would be best if you contact them before visiting their website, www.gardiennewings.com, since they may not always be available.

2. Animal Kingdom of VA 

 Animal Kingdom Of Va 

Animal Kingdom of VA is another farm you can rely on to get beautiful peacocks. It’s located in Southeast Virginia. They have India Blue Peacocks and other cute animals like Lemurs, lions, ducks, donkeys and more.

However, it’s better to contact them before you plan to visit because they’ll inform you if there are no available peacocks. 

Generally, they charge $350 for a peacock and $450 for a peahen between 6 months to 1 year. If they’re over a year old, male birds cost $400 and females $500. However, if you want a peachick, wait for June since they only sell babies from June to August.

To book them, you must pay an initial deposit of fifty per cent. You have to come and pick them from them in hand since they do not deliver the birds.



3. Seagrave-Williams Farm 

Seagrave-Williams Farm 

Seagrave-Williams Farm is a small but beautiful farm in VA. Their motto is to safeguard Virginia’s vulnerable animals and livestock. This incubator is dedicated to taking care of both domestic and wildlife animals that they have. 

They also have a big team that ensures the protection of livestock. Hence, you can get Peacocks or other domestic animals like chickens, ducks, pigs, etc. Other wildlife creatures include gigantic English angora rabbits and Nigerian dwarf goats. 

They’re trustworthy since they hold an NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certificate. In order to know the charges of Spalding Black Shoulder, India Blue Silver Pied, Black Shoulder, India Blue and White peafowls, inbox them on Facebook.



4. Read Mountain Peafowl

Read Mountain Peafowl

In Broyles, Ln, Roanoke, Virginia, Read Mountain Peafowl farm is located. This breeder mainly breeds Peacocks but also has and sells other animals like Sumatras and chickens. The best part of this incubator is that they always have peafowls available.

Although they don’t allow shipping, they can deliver the bird if only the buyer lives nearby. Know about the pricing of various peacocks by texting them on Facebook.


5. Peacock Queens 

 Peacock Queens 

Peacock Queens is a great hatchery in Painter, Virginia, run by two sisters who love breeding birds. They’re passionate about uncommon birds and have raised different kinds of birds. However, this farm is willing to sell online Peacocks.

To learn more about pricing and the delivery process, you need to contact them on Facebook or can directly meet and make deals by visiting them at their location.

6. Peacocks of Loudoun County

Peacocks Of Loudoun County

Peacocks of Loudoun County is a big group on Facebook in Virginia that sells peacocks and Peafowls. This group allows people of VA to buy and sell peacocks and find missing birds. There are many sellers ready to give you quality birds for your farm. However, you need to be careful before making a deal online. Make sure first to visit the seller and then buy. 

7. Marianne Weitzel 

Marianne Weitzel is a breeder from Lovettsville, VA. She has beautiful Peafowls of different colors. She even sells peachicks that are actually rare to find. Click on her Facebook link to contact her. She is currently selling birds, so there will be no problem getting her number from Facebook.

8. Todd Myers 

10 Best Places With Peacocks For Sale In Virginia

Todd Myers is a peacock lover. He loves to let birds and has been selling peacocks for years. This breeder lives in Sterling, Virginia. Although he has few pets, he has what you’re looking for.

Sadly, you can only contact him by sending an email to this address [email protected] and waiting for the reply.

9. Mitzi and Carl Secrest 

Mitzi And Carl Secrest 

Mitzi and Carl Secrest are a couple and breeders from Ferrum, Virginia. They’re very friendly and communicative, so you can directly talk to them by calling them at 📞540-365-6150. Also, the couple have an email address, [email protected], ready to respond to their customers as early as possible. You may even find other attractive birds to pet and bring another member with your Peacock to ensure it doesn’t feel lonely.

10. Paul and Mary Seymour 

10 Best Places With Peacocks For Sale In Virginia

Another couple that has love birds is Paul and Mary Seymour, who live in Warrenton, VA. They primarily breed and sell Peacocks and Peafowls. However, they may have some other exotic birds. Since they have no website, it’s hard to know how much they ask for one bird. So, to understand the current pricing of a peacock, either mail them to [email protected]  or directly call them at


What to Consider Before Buying a Peacock? 

Remember, you’re going to buy and keep a living thing, so you should keep some things in mind before purchasing a peacock. Here’s what you should consider before and after having them. 

  1. Check if the Bird is Healthy: Check the bird’s eyes since partially or fully closed eyes can indicate illness. Also, notice their breathing pattern since hefty breathing and its motion (the bird must walk directly) may indicate a lung disease. If possible, check for its hatching method. Make sure to pick the ones that naturally hatch since naturally hatched peacocks are more likely to be healthier).
  1. Having a Large Space: Buy peacocks only if you have ample space for them to live freely. Even the peafowls need a considerable place. They’re not indoor animals, which you should know. These birds find their cramped surroundings stressful. Therefore, they need room to move around. For the sake of its overall health, a peacock should have a minimum of 80 square feet of living space. To allow for flight and feather spreading, the cage height should be at least 7 feet, preferably 15 or 16 feet.
  1. Saving Them from Unpleasant Weather: Peacocks need warm conditions to safeguard themselves from the cold; if the weather turns too chilly or there are strong winds, your peacocks should be able to curl up in your spacious wooden chicken roost.
  1. Deworm Them: Every few months, you will need to deworm your peacocks because they frequently get worms. If you don’t remove those worms, then they will cause discomfort in their body and even can cause them to get dangerous diseases. 
  1. Defence Against Raptors: In order for them to fly to safety and avoid danger, they also require solid fences and resting nests in trees. So make sure to get these ready before you welcome them at home. 
  1. Keep Plenty of Foods Stored: If you live far away from stores where peacock foods are found, store as much as you can before bringing them. Also, observe how much food is left. Always keep food before them as they like to explore and eat now and then.

Wrap Up

You could rely on These peacock owners and breeders to get unique and pretty peacocks, peahens, or peafowls in Virginia. Of course, keep in mind that first, prepare your place for the bird so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable living there. 

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