10 Best Places With Peacocks For Sale In Virginia

10 Best Places With Peacocks for Sale in Virginia

If you live in Virginia, there’s a high chance you’ve seen a few neighbors have peacocks as pets. The demand for this exotic bird has been increasing in recent years. This is why now there are even many peacock sellers in the state.  But it’s not wise to trust anybody. One should do proper research …


26 Large Birds In Florida (Size Comparison+Photos)

26 Large Birds In Florida (Size Comparison+photos)

Florida has lots of different landscapes where many amazing big birds reside. From the famous Whooping Crane flying high to the graceful wading birds in its wetlands, Florida has a whole bunch of really cool and large birds. In this article, we’ll learn about 26 incredible large birds in Florida that make Florida’s skies, rivers, …


15 Species Of Ducks With Red Eyes: Is It Some Kind Of Illness?

15 Species of Ducks With Red Eyes: Is It Some Kind Of Illness?

For the ducks, red eyes are considerable as a sign of their excellent health. However, some also say ducks with red eyes clearly express eye infections and other diseases. However, some of the species have naturally red eyes. Here, in this article, you will get to know about 15 species of ducks with red eyes. …


10 Stunning Hawks With White Heads

10 Stunning Hawks with White Heads (Photos And ID Info)

One of the most powerful birds that hunt for their food are the hawks. Some of these incredible birds have heads covered in beautiful white feathers. Which makes them stand out from other birds. These hawks are not only unique but also fascinating. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 10 Stunning Hawks …