How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live? Leopard Gecko Lifespan

Leopard Geckos are fantastic animals to keep at home as a pet. They are also amazing in the wild and geckos are popular among reptiles. Leopard geckos are adorable and friendly. So it’s easy to keep them near you. Leopard geckos are considered to be the very first species of Lizard. People all over the world started keeping them as pets in the mid-1970s. As many people keep them as pets, they always want to know how long geckos live. If you are a Leopard Geckos owner or you want to keep one as a pet, you should know about the lifespan of a leopard gecko. In this article, I will tell you about the lifespan of leopard geckos in detail. Let’s dive into it.

Leopard Gecko Lifespan

In captivity, leopard geckos can live 10-20 years. You need to ensure good healthcare, a healthy diet, a proper environment etc. Leopard geckos are originally from desert and grassland regions like Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. In the wild, they can live just 6-8 years. Because there, they suffer parasites, disease, and natural calamities. There is also a chance to be preyed upon by other animals. Leopard geckos have preyed on scorpions, birds, snakes, other lizards, and jackals.

Leopard Geckos Life Stages

Now I will tell you about the different life stages of Leopard geckos.

Leopard Geckos Life Stages
Hatchling Stage

Hatchlings– 0-2 months of a leopard gecko’s life is called a hatchling. In this stage, a leopard gecko weighs 2-5 grams. The average length in this stage is 1.5-2 inches.

Leopard Geckos Life Stages

Juveniles– 2-7 months are the juvenile stage of a leopard gecko. At this age, the average weight is 15-20 grams and the length is 5 inches.

Sub Adult– Sub-adult age from 7-12 months. The weight at this age is 30-40 grams. The length is 6-7 inches.

Adult– 12 months old geckos are considered an adult. At this age the average length is 7 inches, and the average weight is 50 grams.

Between the age of 9-18 months, a leopard gecko reaches sexual maturity. At this age leopard geckos grow slowly. The growth stops at 1.5 years of Lifespan

StageAgeWeight (g)Length (in)
Hatchling0-2 months2-51.5-2
Juvenile2-7 months15-205
Sub-adult7-12 months30-406-7
Adult12 months+507

How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live In The Wild?

Leopard Geckos Live In The Wild?

Leopard geckos are originally native to the hot, dry desert and mountains of Middle east countries like India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

The gecko may be easy to care in captivity, because they are used to the harsh condition of their wildlife. Because of the harsh conditions of the desert, the wild Leopard gecko’s average lifespan is 3-8 years. The female leopard gecko’s lifespan is shorter than the male. The reason of shorter live is mental and physical stressors of the female geckos.

There are many reasons behind the shorter lifespan of the wild leopard geckos. There they have to face so many difficulties like natural calamities, superior animals, lack of food etc. Because of this reason geckos don’t live more than 8 years in the wild. But the average lifespan of a leopard is 10-20 years in captivity.

How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live As A Pet?

Leopard Geckos Live As A Pet

Pet geckos live more than wild geckos. Male leopard geckos live 10-20 years. Female leopard geckos live shorter than the male geckos, because they have to lay eggs. This creates stress on their body repeatedly, as a result they live less than male geckos.

The lifespan of a pet leopard gecko is so good, even if they stay strong in their twenties. The longest-living pet leopard geckos live up to 20 years; it was a male. There are rumours of a leopard gecko living for 40 years. Geckos in captivity may live as long as popular pet geckos.

In terms of the pet geckos, you need to make sure they are getting proper health care, healthy diets, and other facilities. Then their lifespan can increase furthermore.

Type of GeckoAverage Lifespan (years)
Pet (male)10-20
Pet (female)Shorter than male

What Makes Some Leopard Geckos Live Longer Than Others?

When you select your leopard geckos, it is important to understand the genetics and breeds to ensure that you are taking healthy Leopard geckos. It is necessary to contact your veterinarian, and then perform research to select the right geckos for you. The geckos with enigma colour patterns can suffer from seizures, a neurological symptom. So before selecting your leopard, make sure it is healthy.

After selecting your leopard geckos, this is necessary to give them proper nutrition. They eat wild insects like wax worms, super worms, mealworms, roaches, crickets, etc. You should dust calcium and vitamin supplements on the insects before feeding. You should feed them 1 or 2 insects at a time.

The lifespan of a leopard gecko can be influenced by some health conditions. There are some common diseases leopard geckos suffer from. They are given below-

  • Metabolic Bone Disease
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Egg binding
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Eye disease
  • Sand impactions
  • Infections

How to Improve Your Gecko’s Lifespan?

If you want you can improve the lifespan of your geckos. There are various ways to improve your gecko’s health and well-being which will increase the gecko’s lifespan. You can be in touch with a veterinarian, but there are some basic requirements –

  • You need to take regular veterinary tests of the geckos at least once a year.
  • Yearly faecal parasite testing and regular blood work are necessary.
  • You should ensure the proper terrarium lighting, and the temperature gradients must be appropriate. In the basking are the temperature should be 85°-90° F. In the cooler area the temperature should be 75°-80° F. The humidity should be appropriate too.
  • Your geckos must stay under UVB lighting for 10-12 hours daily.
  • Check all the parameters regularly using a thermometer, hygrometer, and other accessories.
  • Never use anything like a heat mat, heat rocks, etc that can cause thermal burns.
  • According to their life stage, you should follow proper feeding schedules. Overfeeding can lead them to obesity and that can cause more health issues.
  • Feed your gecko 1-2 insects at a time, dusted with calcium and vitamins. Make sure you provide them with fresh water.
  • If there is any uneaten insect, remove them. Otherwise, it can cause harm to your pet.
  • Examine your geckos regularly and search for illness.
  • You should keep your geckos in at least 20 gallons.
  • You should change the UV lights after every 6 months.
  • Provide hiding boxes in the tank.
  • Clean the food and water bowls regularly.
  • You should never grab your gecko’s tail; it could release its tail.

If you do these things, your geckos can live longer than wild geckos. If you notice any sign of illness in your geckos, take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Final Words

What is the leopard gecko’s lifespan? The answer to this question varies from place to place. Like in the wild, geckos live 6-8 years. In captivity, they can live up to 15 years. You can increase your leopard gecko’s lifespan by properly caring for your leopard geckos. Actually, geckos are easy to care for. It will help your gecko to live long. Then the leopard geckos will live a long life.  

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