Are Leopard Geckos Social: Know The Facts

If you are a pet lover who wants to buy leopard Geckos, you may want to know about them. Knowing if the leopard Geckos is social or not can help you to determine many factors. After all, you are going to pet this creature for an uncertain time. 

So, are leopard Geckos social? Leopard Geckos are not social creatures. They like to be alone and prefer independent living. They also have a lack of social hierarchy. But they can be socialized through proper training. Besides, when they feel safe with you, they will be friendly.

However, further I will explain why leopard Geckos are not social, how to handle leopard Geckos, are they friendly or not, and many more. So, please keep reading till the end. 

Are Leopard Geckos Social? 

Leopard Geckos Get Along With Other Pets

Leopard Geckos are surely a good pet to keep with yourself. But these pets are not social. These reptiles are solitary. They like to stay alone. They will be more themselves when they are kept alone. They live peacefully alone in their natural habitat. There are no complex reasons why they are not social.

They are naturally introverted. They enjoy their own company. Besides, the leopard Geckos do not require any attention from people except for social needs. Here, you can check out leopard gecko behavior through the below points: 

Absence of social hierarchy 

The leopard Geckos are not communal or outgoing. They may show dominance to other pets when they feel unsafe. But naturally, if you leave them in a tank, they will live quietly without any aggression. They do not require to have contact with other pets or humans. They can live alone peacefully.

Territorial habits

The Leopard geckos like to stay in their own space. Also, leopard geckos are very territorial. They won’t like it if someone else invades their territory. Moreover, Geckos also can get extremely stressed if they feel disturbed. Keeping multiple leopard geckos are not a good idea. They don’t like other pets’ company. Leo

Independent living

The Leopard geckos love to live independently. They are not dependent on other pets for their living. Leopard geckos prefer to explore nature alone and enjoy it to the fullest. Moreover, they go hunting individually. They are habituated to their independent lifestyle. So if you think of keeping two geckos together, you should not do it. They should not be housed together. 

Enforced socialization

Leopard geckos are solitary animals. If you try to make pet leopard friends with another reptile forcefully, they can become agitated. They will become aggressive if this becomes exaggerated. They may fight with the other pet and cause each other harm. In the worst case, the creature can even kill the other one. That’s why, keeping leopard geckos alone is recommendable. 

How To Handle Leopard Geckos?

How To Handle Leopard Geckos?

The leopard Geckos should be handled gently with proper care. As we already know, they do not prefer staying with other pets or interacting with humans. Hence, it is needed to give them proper care when you pet them. So, here are some tips on how you can handle leopard Geckos – 

Precautions before handling them: 

  • Wash your hands properly
  • Make the Gecko comfortable
  • Take the Gecko calmly
  • Handle the lizard in a calm environment
  • Do not handle them in the presence of other pet animals 
  • Make sure the temperature is suitable for them 

Step 1: Gently hold the Gecko 

You have to handle the Gecko gently holding it from underneath. Let the Gecko be comfortable in your palms. 

Step 2: Use a soft cloth

If it feels like the Gecko won’t come in your hand because it feels distressed, then you can use a soft cloth to take it in your hand. 

Step 3: Do not force the Gecko 

When the Gecko is in your hand, you have to let it naturally move in your hand. If you force the Gecko, it can become agitated. 

Step 4: Minimize the handling session

The leopard Gecko may not be so used to be at your palms initially. But you can minimize the handling session at initial points. Later you can increase the time gradually. 

Step 5: Avoid handling them during the shedding

When they are shedding, it is better to not disturb them. They can get stressful if you hold them during shedding. 

Do Leopard Geckos Get Along With Other Pets? 

As mentioned before, leopard Geckos are not social. So, leopard geckos would not like the company of other pets. If you have more than one lizard, you may think to keep them in different tanks.

This is because leopard Geckos have a dominant nature. So, they may get into aggressive fights when they stay in the same tank. 

Moreover, they feel more preferable to stay alone. So they may not like the company of other pets. It will lead them to create unnecessary fights among themselves. Additionally, even when they are not fighting, they won’t talk to each other. 

These leopards are more into themselves. Interacting with other geckos is not comfortable for them. So, they won’t interact with other lizards. Hence, it is clear that the Geckos do not get along with the other pets. Gecko owners should stay more careful about this.

Are Leopard Geckos Friendly With Humans?

Are Leopard Geckos Friendly With Humans?

Many people may think that leopard Geckos are endangered species. Well, that’s not true. The leopard Geckos surely prefer to stay alone, but they do not feel threatened all the time.

They prefer solitude. This creature can spend days without having a companion or human contact. 

But when you pet a leopard Geckos, you may earn their trust. To be more specific, they gradually start building trust in you when you give them food or care for them.

They can also be tamed. Gradually they become comfortable and docile with you. They start enjoying your company. Hence, you can say they can get along well with humans. 

So, you will notice them sitting on your shoulder or playing with you. It is just a matter of time. If you really want to buy leopard Geckos, you can wait till they feel you are trustworthy enough. Later, they will get friendly with you. 

Leopard Geckos can be socialized. Owning a leopard Gecko is not that hard. They are really friendly and sociable. They are also very easy to care for.

Leopard geckos will fight when someone invades their space. It is obvious because the leopard geckos tend to get territorial. That’s why handling them with proper care is needed. 

Geckos typically like a solitary lifestyle in the context of social behavior. Geckos engage in social behaviors during mating. They are great pets for every reptile enthusiast. You must make sure to keep them away from crowds as it can make your gecko uncomfortable.

Understanding their natural behavior is important as it can help you take better care of your pet leopard gecko. It will also let you know how your gecko is feeling at any moment.

It will make bond with your leopard gecko more strong. A leopard gecko owner should remain careful about their well-being. 


The leopard Gecko is a solitary creature. They are not aggressive. But they feel great to stay alone. They do not prefer a company. The reason behind this nature can be the absence of social hierarchy, territorial habits, or simply the willingness to live independently. 

But you can easily tame them with proper care and attention. You may need to handle them very carefully. And if you take good care of them, they will feel safe with you over time. Gradually, they will like your company. So, are leopard Geckos social? This article explained it all.


Are Leopard Geckos Poisonous?

No. Leopard Geckos are not poisonous. Leopard Geckos generally have no toxic substances. So, you won’t get harmed by them. They also cannot harm other pet animals. 

Does Leopard Geckos Bite?

Yes. Leopard Geckos bite. But they are not aggressive naturally. They may occasionally bite when they are stressed. More likely, they do it when they try to defend themselves.

Are Geckos Endangered? 

No. Geckos are not endangered. They are shy and quiet. But they may get aggressive if someone tries to harm them. 

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